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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

How long does it take to sell a car?
Once decided, it typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the situation.

Will Direct Car Buyers pay off my lease?
Yes, we will payoff your loan or lease. If you have equity in your vehicle, we will payoff the outstanding balance and cut you a check for the difference. If you owe more than we offer, you will need to pay us the difference - we take credit cards for deficiency payments.

Who does the inspection?
One of our buying consultants or a third part auto inspector will survey your vehicle.

What happens at the inspection?
The certified inspector will examine the exterior and interior or your vehicle, take pictures, and may take your vehicle out for a road test.

Where does the inspection typically take place?
The inspection can be completed at our location, your home, office or wherever is convenient. Often times we can do a virtual meeting. We will even come to your location, no problem.

How / when do I get paid?
You will receive payment on the spot with our business check. We have been in business since 1974 and the bank will verify funds or cash our check - if you prefer a bank check that can be arranged as well.

Does Direct Car Buyers handle the paperwork?
Absolutely. We know life is busy, that's why handle all the hassle and paperwork that goes along with selling your car. We pride ourselves on making your transaction as fast and easy as we can.

Am I better off trading my vehicle in?
Probably not. Don't trade in your vehicle before talking to us. Most of the time, we will give you a much better offer without the hassle and headaches of dealing with car dealers.

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General Questions

How long does the entire car selling process take to Direct Car Buyers?
If you own your vehicle outright, the process takes 30 min or less; if you have a loan or a lease, it could take up to an hour.
What types of cars do you buy?
Here at Direct Car Buyers, we are open. We buy everything from economy cars to exotics. Please note: we do not purchase vehicles that are at the end of their lifecycle or that will cost more to repair than they are worth.
Do you buy classic cars?
Yes, we do buy classic cars.
I obtained a price quote off of your website. Is this a guaranteed offer?
The price quote you received off our website is a quote or an estimate of the ballpark price based upon the year, make, model, and condition. To obtain a guaranteed offer, your next step is to have an inspection performed. The inspection can be performed virtually or in person. After the inspection, we will present you with a guaranteed offer.
How will I get paid?
Payment is made on the spot via a business check. For your safety, we have been in business since 1974 and the bank will verify funds or cash our check. If you prefer a bank check, that can be arranged as well.
What documents will I need to sell my car?
If you own your vehicle outright, bring along your vehicle's title and your personal identification (driver’s license, passport etc). If you have a bank loan, you must call the bank and obtain the following: account number and 10 day payoff.
How long is Direct Car Buyers’ offer good for?
As each vehicle and situation is unique, we do not have a set policy for when our offers will expire. Speak directly with our buying agent and discuss your situation. Together, a plan to best serve both of us will be put into action.
My car is not registered - will you still buy it?
Yes, Direct Car Buyers will still purchase your vehicle. Your car does not need to be registered to sell it to us.
Does Direct Car Buyers handle all of the paperwork?
Yes, all paperwork is done in house.
Will you purchase my car if it is registered to my business?
Yes, this is not a problem. Direct Car Buyers buys cars from businesses, car dealerships, leasing companies, collectors, rental companies, etc. There are no exceptions!
I lost the title to my car, can I still sell it to Direct Car Buyers?
Yes, most likely we can still proceed with the deal. Please give us a call or email at info@directcarbuyers.com for more information.
My relative has passed away - can I sell their car on behalf of them?
Yes, we can purchase a deceased person’s car. Please call us or email us at info@directcarbuyers.com to discuss the paperwork needed (each state has different requirements)

Process & Inspection

What is the process to sell Direct Car Buyers my car?
Unlike other car buyers, the process here is a breeze! First, submit your vehicle’s information on our website to receive a cash offer. Our buying agent will review the information and be in contact with you to provide you with a ballpark price. If you are satisfied with our ballpark price, our agent will set up either a virtual or in person inspection. During the inspection, we will confirm the condition of your vehicle, make you an offer, walk you through the paper-work, and get you paid.
Do you really buy cars sight unseen?
Yes, we will guarantee an offer sight unseen as long as the information you provided is accurate. We’ll verify the condition of the vehicle via a virtual inspection, an in person inspection, or both.
I received a price during my virtual inspection. Can I expect re-negotiation to take place during the in person inspection?
We do our best to offer you a realistic “buy price” during the virtual inspection. However, if we find contradicting in-formation during the in person inspection, or details which were not apparent during the virtual inspection, we will have to negotiate from the virtual offer.
Who completes the inspection of my vehicle?
One of our in-house buying agents will perform the inspection either virtually or in person.
How long can I expect the vehicle inspection to take?
A full inspection, either virtually or in person takes approximately 15 minutes.
What is a virtual inspection?
For ease and safety, one of our buying agents will set up a Zoom or FaceTime call with you that will last about 15 minutes. During the inspection, the buying agent will inspect your car and ask a few questions via mobile phone. Please note: It is important that you please take the vehicle inspection call on a mobile phone or tablet and have your vehicle close by.
Do I have the choice between virtual or in person inspection?
Absolutely! Yes, you do have the choice of a virtual or in person inspection. However, in some cases, after a virtual inspection, we will need to conduct an in-person inspection as well to provide you with the most accurate offer. In this case, we will provide you with a firm price during the virtual inspection, but will verify the condition in person and then finalize the price.
What can I expect at the in-person inspection and where is it completed?
During an in person inspection, one of our buying agents will examine and assess the exterior and interior condition of your vehicle. Our agent will take pictures and may take your vehicle out for a road test to confirm the condition of your car. This in person inspection may be completed at your home, office, or wherever is convenient for you.
Will my car need to be registered and insured during the inspection?
No, our buying agent handling your inspection will have a dealer plate with them to safely attach to your vehicle for a road test. The deal plate is insured by our company.